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Service of Process

Process serving is the procedure employed to ensure the delivery of legal documents, which may include subpoenas, or summonses, among others.

The delivery of the legal document, usually called a summons, starts a lawsuit and the court asserts its jurisdiction over the parties and the controversy. The summons notifies a defendant of the plaintiff's complaint and the legal action being taken. The summons also informs the defendant of a specified number of days required by law to respond to the summons. Failure to respond may enable the plaintiff to seek a default judgment from the court.

The process is routine, however, the person being served may be difficult to locate or may even evade service. That is where we come in. We eliminate the hassle of process serving and deliver timely service within tight deadlines.

Skip Tracing

Often times a person being served may be unable to locate or may evade service. ESQ Process Servers utilizes all means to track that person down. We provide detailed information acquired during the investigation to the client as requested.

Document Retrieval

Combing through and retrieving local, state, and federal courts and government departments' documents can be a time-consuming task. ESQ Process Servers takes care of this for a client and timely delivers copies in the most convenient way for the client which includes express mail, courier, in person, or electronically.

Rush Services

Certain deadlines require immediate attention. ESQ Process Servers deliver quick turnaround to adhere to such deadlines and expedite the service of process. The client is then immediately notified and receive required documents in whichever way is most convenient for the client.

Online Status Update for Clients

ESQ Process Servers makes the status of a client's case completely transparent. We immediately update the status of a case, which can be securely accessed by a client 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We keep our clients in the know.

Local Pickups

Because ESQ Process Servers is established locally, we can promptly pickup documents from a client or local, state, and federal courts and government departments.

Affidavit Preparation

ESQ Process Servers has a staff equipped with the knowledge, experience, and attention to detail that is essential in correctly preparing affidavits in accordance with the law. Preparation is completed both correctly and promptly.

Court Filing

ESQ Process Servers efficiently files court documents with local, state, and federal courts and government departments

Legal Research
ESQ Process Servers is experienced in navigating the research channels to access the information needed.

We perform legal research for:

  • Criminal and Civil Records
  • Bankruptcy Petitions
  • Judgements
  • UCC Filings
  • Intrastate Public Filings
  • Tax Liens
  • Real Property
  • Notices of Default and Foreclosure
  • Partnerships
  • Corporations, Limited Liability Corporations, and Limiteds
  • Partnerships
  • Company Profiles
  • Death Records
  • Marriage and Divorce Records
Notary Publics

ESQ Process Servers have notary publics on staff to increase timeliness and efficiency.

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